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To open the tab for guild you need to press Alt+U

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To open the tab for guild you need to press Alt+U

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Creating a guild in Lost Ark is fairly simple and can be completed once players have completed the prologue and have earned the needed amount of silver. The game throws a variety of options at players when they exit the prologue, making it difficult to learn about guilds. certainly get lost in the plethora of information.

To open the tab for guild you need to press Alt+U. Or click "Community" at the bottom right side of the map. Click "Guild" from the pop-up menu. It will display the guild screen. At first glance, it will show you all of the guilds which are seeking members. The guilds could have up to 30 members in each one in order to begin.

In order to form a guild you'll need 2,000 silver. When you're on the Guild tab, check the top of your panel and select "Create Guild." Put the name of the guild, some description, and after you hit "Create Guild," your guild will be created. If you're creating a new guild, you should keep "Add to Suggested Guilds ' List" enabled so your guild appears on the Suggested Guilds list. Individuals can request to join your guild or join it instantly.

Once the guild is established then you can take control of it using the links at the top the panel and choosing "Manage." While there you can edit your guild's flag, modify the name of the guild, change the leader of the guild, change the settings for joining, and much more.If you want to know more about product information can go to mmoexp.com.
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